Deep Clean

Mindset is everything! I have heard of this phrase again and again and I have come across it in many of the self-help books that I have been reading.

If it’s everything then it must be the key to the “kingdom” and beyond. I have been searching for this key with no success. I have looked here and there, in books, in talks, in sermons, basically I have looked for it everywhere, I have followed a rumour, a guru, a people and still nothing!

I give up! Me in the wee hours of the morning… I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go on looking for what’s not there. It’s a big fat lie!

A lie, no it’s a list of lies that I have locked somewhere deep in a rusty trunk- a collector overtime of a lie here and a lie there.. Oh, and I have quite a treasure… The bad, the can’ts, the not good enough, the not smart enough, NOTS! so many.. A pile of self defeating thoughts, self hate, self critic, the list is endless- mindset- I found it!

The key, to my rusty trunk full of treasure, I found it!

I fumble with it, just this one key, I open the trunk with caution and all the sacredness that I can master. I want to rummage, but I pause and understand that I will have to go through it piece by piece, examining each one, taking time with it and remembering where I’d picked it, who gifted it to me, who left their’s and I’d decided to keep it safe for them! Souvenirs, memories, keepsakes!

I am sitting side by side with a big pile of lies, self sabotaging beliefs, and more… my trunk is empty, and am wondering what do I do?! I can feel the emptiness… I look at my pile then back at the trunk and can’t help but feel a bit sentimental…

“Everything” I am startled by a whisper that I am sure came out of the trunk! I must be loosing it… “Use everything!” Another whisper, only this time, it’s seems urgent and strong! “No, wait a minute!” I gain the courage to speak back to the voice.. “I can’t leave the trunk empty, plus I have to keep my treasure safe. No one can see it, its my private collection..” Yes, says the trunk, “it’s yours but what’s the point of keeping pain, hurt, negativity, depression,failures, mistakes, loss, fear, wrong beliefs, and brokenness all locked up? You need to see it everyday, you need to share it with others, that’s what treasures are for.”

“I am not so sure… all I want is a changed mindset! That’s why I am looking for it here”. I reply to the trunk.. “I have been out and about looking but so far nothing!”

“In here, in this emptiness is where it’s been all along. Now all you have to do is use your pile of treasure, allow yourself to be vulnerable, let others see your treasure, let them look at it and be moved with courage to open their trunks and reveal their treasure too..”

You can take your pile of treasure and create a beautiful gallery, a patchwork celebrating your journey! Let this ‘treasures’ inspire you to live and love courageously, courage is one half of mindset, love for yourself and others the other half!

My Today

I guess one can begin from anywhere, or so I told myself. Little did I know that anywhere had to be somewhere, pinpointed and more. So since I had set my sights on anywhere, I found myself to be no where most of the times. It’s been this and that and then this… And the […]

My Today

Journeying home

It all begins with questioning, a yearning, some hunger that you can’t seem to satisfy, a thirsting that you have been unable to quench. And yes a longing! A longing that keeps gnawing, eating at you. A restlessness that can not be understood.

Emptiness! A hole so deep and endless, so dark and wide… it feels like the whole universe, only without its creations.